Psyanide Gaming server rules


  • 1 - No camping, trolling or baiting.
  • 2 - Do not spam, self promote or share links to other communities and/or services. Specifically promoting other private server projects in any way will lead to your account being banned.
  • 3 - English is the official language of the server. Please keep other languages to whispers or party chat.
  • 4 - No racism, bigotry, politics, or religion.
  • 5 - No arguing with staff, their decision is final.
  • 6 - No content that is unwarrantedly racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic in nature.
  • 7 - No content that discloses personally identifiable information about a private individual.
  • 8 - No drama. This includes all in- and outside-game drama.
  • 9 - No harassment of players or staff.
  • 10 - No marketing. This is not the place to sell anything.
  • 11 - Do not test the limits of these rules by annoying staff by supposed "gray" areas. It is up to our discretion whether to remove content we deem unfit.

Violation of these rules can result in you being muted or banned from the server.