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Few reasons why you should choose us

We are a great and friendly community started back in September, 2007. Our server is constantly under development to fix bugs, and add new features. We love our great community and we listen every single suggestion you'll give us. Server is PvE based but we are trying to listen to your PvP suggestions and doing our best to bring you more PvP content. We bring you the best solo PvE content, and an awesome PvP experience. We managed to fix a lot of common bugs and edited character creations. That means you start with a level 70 character. You get to choose race, class, and gender. Once you log in, you will have the option to change your name. Once you enter the world, there will be 2 NPC's that allow you to change your look and choose your spec. You get a full armor and weapon set when you pick your spec.