Lithordean World of Warcraft the Burning Crusades Private 2.4.3 wow servers
Welcome to Psyanide Gaming

Welcome to Psyanide Gaming. We want our 2.4.3 realm to be different from others. There have been many debates. Fun server, Instant 70 PVP/FFA, Blizzlike, etc. and we have finally come up with a brilliant idea!

Lithordean is both a normal level 1-70 and an instant 70 (Max Level 120) PVP Fun Server! How did we do that? Simple. Each new account gets a free instant level 70 character. It will show up on your character sheet in Lithordean when you first log in after creating your account. The new character comes complete with spells but is completely naked. Don't worry, as soon as you get into the realm you can get free gear!

You get to choose gender, race, and class.

The first time you select the character, it will take you to a screen to allow you to change the name. Once you enter the realm, you will be on starter island, which has a couple of NPC's. One of the NPC's will allow you to customize how your character looks. The other will allow you to choose your spec and give you armor and weapons specifically for that spec. He will also give you bags, hearthstone, and a teleport stone which summons a portal and lets you decide where you would like to go. You can use the customizer NPC as many times as you want while on this island, but once you leave you can never return. You can always change your characters look at the barber shop in Shattrath. He will only cost a single vote token.

All other characters will be level 1, unless you want to spend vote or donation points on an instant 70 token, allowing you to instantly convert any character into a level 70 character. With this token, you will still have to train for spells, and get gear.

We definitely look forward to seeing you in the realm!

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